Super Vision: insight and interaction in graduate art and design research

12 Feb

The Wales Institute for Research in Art & Design (WIRAD)

Research Training
Research training is enhanced through research groups and clusters to provide peer support and mentoring. A high quality of intellectual, physical and resource environments is maintained, as the result of substantial ongoing investment. __________________________________
Super Vision: insight and interaction in graduate art and design research
1.00 – 6.00 p.m. Tuesday 23 March CSAD Howard Gardens
CSAD is hosting a half-day symposium on graduate research in art and design, focusing on the supervisory process. Short presentations from research students and their supervisory teams are invited which cover the following points:
1. supervisory teams plan and shape the research process;2. how the interests of supervisor and student might intersect, i.e. how they might become interlocutors, possibly with a view to co-authorship of an article; ideally, each team member should contribute and there will be an exchange of views on the topic selected by the team; 3. he pleasures of supervision in art and design research (and some of the obstacles too, if appropriate at an open forum).
Ideally, point (2) will be the focus of the presentation. Presentations should be up to 20 minutes, with ten minutes of questions. Supervisory teams from Bath, Bristol, Gloucester and Swansea will also be invited. Dr Iain Biggs and one of his research students from UWE, Bristol, will be keynote speakers. A plenary performance writing session is planned, where insights from one of the afternoon’s presentations will be written up as the beginnings of a co-authored article. A buffet lunch (charge of £10) and afternoon tea will be provided, and there will also be a post-symposium meal in central Cardiff.
To participate, please send a 300-word outline of how your supervisory team might address points 1-3 to Clive Cazeaux, Graduate Studies Coordinator, by Monday 1 March 2010.
Places are free but limited, so please register in advance. There will be a £10 charge for those wishing to attend the pre-event buffet. To register for a place at the symposium and/or book a place at the buffet lunch, contact Debbie Savage, Research Coordinator, by Monday 8 March 2010.

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