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AVPhD: supervising in the dark

12 Mar
Volume 9 Issue 3

Cover Date: November 2008

ISSN: 14682753
First published in 2000
3 issues per volume

Authors: Alisa Lebow
DOI: 10.1386/jmpr.9.3.201/1

AVPhD, practice as research, PhD supervision, film, video

This article gives a brief background history of AVPhDs as well as some sense of the debates and the concerns surrounding the practice. It is aimed at novice supervisors who may not be as well versed in these practices as those who have supervised AVPhDs in the past. The author notes the interpretive approach to practice-led PhDs seems to be valued by students and supervisors alike, yet she also makes some recommendations based on testimonies from AVPhD supervisors and students that might help clarify best practice in this dynamic but somewhat amorphous area of postgraduate research.