Deleuze, Spinoza, and the Body Without Organs.

8 May

Deleuze, Spinoza, and the Body Without Organs..

In How do you make yourself a body without organs, Deleuze combines uses psychoanalysis terminology as a means to examine ways in which our bodies interact with the world. He asks us to consider how our bodies immediately control the way we experience the world around us and shape our desires. Whether it be through pleasure, pain, and the acquisition of knowledge, we receive and transmit information through a series of organized systems that make up our organs which then make up our bodies. In this chapter,  Deleuze and Guattari ask us to consider in what ways are have our experiences been confined  to this unidirectional interaction, and how can the functionality of our bodies be used as an analog for the way in which we make our decisions and our judgments. We are also asked, is it possible to free ourselves of our organs, or to free ourselves from the limitations of the body and the senses in which we experience our environments? Are there rituals that already exist, even if they are taboo or destructive, that break this process down and produce immanence.

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