London Alternative Photography Collective

10 Mar



 The London Alternative Photography Collective aims to bring together artists and photographers around London who wish to share alternative photography ideas and processes.

(We also have a sister group in Manchester.)

The group currently meets monthly at the Double Negative Dark Room on 178A Glyn Road in Hackney, E5 0JE. The first meeting was in July 2013, and we have had some fabulous alternative photographers to speak, including Sam WhiteHelen Pynor,  Constanza Martinez,George CrazyGLincSarah Leslie Sarah Evan JonesDouglas NicolsonTereza Cerenova, Jennifer Brookes and Gavin Maitland to name but a few!

We provide artists talks, discussions about Alternative Photography Processes, demonstrations and opportunities to collaborate.
We are also keen to create exhibitions in and around London, such as the Light Play exhibitionwe recently curated at Double Negative Darkroom, Hackney in December.

Anyone interested in Alternative Photography is welcome to join.

Things we like to talk about;

Wet-Collodion Plate
Black & White Film Developing
Colour Developing
“Film Soup” / Film Destruction
Pin Hole Cameras
Silver Gelatin Emulsion
Scans / Photocopies
Salt Prints
Gum Bichromate
Van Dyke
Polaroid / Polaroid Lifts.
Camera Remodelling.
Camera making.
Analogue V.S. Digital.

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Founder: Melanie K, graduate from MA Art & Science at Central Saint Martins.


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