Vitae researcher development conference 2010: realising the potential of researchers 06 September 2010 – 07 September 2010

CETL Conference

Centre for Excellence in Preparing for Academic Practice

Fourth conference, 4 – 6 April 2011

“Academia as workplace: Linking past, present and future”

Following three very successful events, the Centre for Excellence in Preparing for Academic Practice will host a fourth international conference, this time on the theme of: Academia as workplace: linking past, present and future. Proposals for papers to be given at the event are now invited.


The theme for this fourth conference seeks to engage with notions of Academia as constituting a workplace in itself, and of academic practices as forms of work. Within this theme, proposals should address the experiences of early career academics, including those of doctoral students, research staff, or new lecturers. Proposals are welcomed which take stock of the present, look forward to the future (for example, by developing policy recommendations or implications, or by suggesting likely, possible or alternative scenarios); and which, where appropriate, link to the past (for example, by highlighting relevant historical drivers for change or patterns in academic workplace reform).

Proposals may be grounded within one or more institutions or disciplines, or may consider wider national or international frameworks, work-related policies and trends. As usual we welcome proposals in one of two strands: research (provided the evidence base and distinctive contribution are clear) or practice (provided they move beyond description of local practice). Theoretical approaches are also welcome and may be submitted under either strand.
The deadline for the receipt of proposals is 15 September 2010. Instructions for submission are given on the proposal form.

Practical details

Dates: 4-6 April 2011, inclusive

Venue: St Hugh’s College, Oxford

There are no registration fees for the conference, and lunch on all three days, as well as a conference dinner, will be provided free of charge to those registered for the event. Delegates may book overnight accommodation within the college (for which a charge will be made); although we have endeavoured secure adequate spaces, please be advised that these rooms will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To register for the conference, please follow the instructions on the registration form.

Developing the Professional and Practice-based Doctorate

Starts on 17/11/2010
at 09:30
Ends on 17/11/2010
at 16:30
Category Workshop
Location London (Venue TBC)
This Workshop will focus on the key regulatory and other issues relating to the development of Professional Doctorates and Practice-based Doctorates in the Arts, Medical Sciences and Education. The design, development and delivery of these rapidly expanding doctoral pathways will be discussed in Syndicated Workshop format based on small facilitated groups and in plenary sessions. A range of case studies illustrating different modes of doctoral programme will be presented, together with discussion of the national and international issues relating to the development of Professional and Practice-based Doctorates and opportunities to network with colleagues working across the sector. Emerging areas in the Professional Doctorate arena will be discussed, including Social Practice, Legal Practice and Digital Media.

The Workshop is intended for Senior Officers, Research Supervisors, Research Administrators and all involved in the development and management of Professional and Practice-based Doctoral programmes.

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2 March 2010: Free seminar on practice, the PhD and new forms of
doctorate, London

ESRC seminar series on New Forms of Doctorate

I am very pleased to announce the latest seminar in the ESRC
series New Forms of Doctorate. Previous seminars in the series
have been highly praised and very popular, so please book your
place early.

London Knowledge Lab 23-29 Emerald Street London WC1N 3QS

Date and time
2 March 2010 coffee from 10:00; seminar begins 10:30; ends 3:30

How to secure a place
Please email Richard Sheldrake at

About the seminar
The new seminar on 2 March 2010 follows the pattern of our
previous events in combining strategic overviews of key issues
in the modern doctorate and case studies of particular forms of
research practice. Again key themes will be the kinds of
knowledge created by research and how they can best be
represented. The selection of participants is designed to give
insights across discipline boundaries.

We are very fortunate to have leading the speakers Prof. Chris
Rust, co-author of the important AHRC Review of Practice-Led
Research 2007, who is widely published on themes of tacit
knowledge and the nature of design. Dr. Mine Dogantan-Dack will
consider practice-as-research in music performance. An
internationally respected musician, she has recently directed an
AHRC project, Alchemy, rooted in rehearsal and performance with
the Marmara Trio. Dr. Anna Milsom completed her PhD in
translation at Middlesex University with a highly innovative
multimedia approach to representing her research knowledge.

Dr. Catherine Hill continues our theme from a previous seminar,
considering professional doctorates as well as the PhD. She has
a particular interest in enquiry which occurs in and for
advanced level practice and which has effective action rather
than published output as its main aim. Dr. Kristina Niedderrer
offers us a framework for the relationship between research
methods, knowledge, and that so-tricky concept, rigour. Dr Nick
Bryan-Kinns researches collaboration, engagement, and the design
process. He has particular insights to offer in
interdisciplinary studies, such as PhDs which veer towards the
arts but which are located and examined in a science and
engineering faculty, and is contributor to a major EPSRC
Doctoral Training Centre.

The speakers

Prof. Chris Rust
Professor of Design
Director, Sheffield Institute of Arts
Head of Art and Design Department
Sheffield Hallam University

Dr. Mine Dogantan-Dack
Research Fellow
Chair of Music Research Group
Music Department
Middlesex University

Dr. Anna Milsom
Senior Lecturer in Applied Translation
London Metropolitan University

Dr. Kristina Niedderer
Reader in Design and Applied Arts
Chair of Material Design and Applied Art Research Group
School of Art and Design
University of Wolverhampton

Dr. Catherine Hill
Programme leader, Professional Doctorate
Centre for Health and Social Care Research
Sheffield Hallam University

Dr. Nick Bryan-Kinns
Centre for Digital Music
and IMC Research Group
School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science,
Queen Mary, University of London

The series is led by Prof. Richard Andrews at the Institute of

The London Knowledge Lab is a collaboration between the
Institute of Education and Birkbeck.

The Wales Institute for Research in Art & Design (WIRAD)

Research Training
Research training is enhanced through research groups and clusters to provide peer support and mentoring. A high quality of intellectual, physical and resource environments is maintained, as the result of substantial ongoing investment. __________________________________
Super Vision: insight and interaction in graduate art and design research
1.00 – 6.00 p.m. Tuesday 23 March CSAD Howard Gardens
CSAD is hosting a half-day symposium on graduate research in art and design, focusing on the supervisory process. Short presentations from research students and their supervisory teams are invited which cover the following points:
1. supervisory teams plan and shape the research process;2. how the interests of supervisor and student might intersect, i.e. how they might become interlocutors, possibly with a view to co-authorship of an article; ideally, each team member should contribute and there will be an exchange of views on the topic selected by the team; 3. he pleasures of supervision in art and design research (and some of the obstacles too, if appropriate at an open forum).
Ideally, point (2) will be the focus of the presentation. Presentations should be up to 20 minutes, with ten minutes of questions. Supervisory teams from Bath, Bristol, Gloucester and Swansea will also be invited. Dr Iain Biggs and one of his research students from UWE, Bristol, will be keynote speakers. A plenary performance writing session is planned, where insights from one of the afternoon’s presentations will be written up as the beginnings of a co-authored article. A buffet lunch (charge of £10) and afternoon tea will be provided, and there will also be a post-symposium meal in central Cardiff.
To participate, please send a 300-word outline of how your supervisory team might address points 1-3 to Clive Cazeaux, Graduate Studies Coordinator, by Monday 1 March 2010.
Places are free but limited, so please register in advance. There will be a £10 charge for those wishing to attend the pre-event buffet. To register for a place at the symposium and/or book a place at the buffet lunch, contact Debbie Savage, Research Coordinator, by Monday 8 March 2010.


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