Writers on Practise- based PhDs

Michael Biggs

Prof Michael Biggs MA PhD FRSA FHEA is Professor of Aesthetics at the School of Creative Arts at the University of Hertfordshire, UK. He is also Visiting Professor in Arts-based Research in Architecture at the University of Lund, Sweden; and Visiting Research Professor at Presbyterian University Mackenzie, São Paulo. He was Senior Research Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Bergen in 1994, and has degrees in both Fine Art and Philosophy. He was elected as Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 1989, and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2007.

Michael was Associate Dean and led Faculty research during the UK RAE period 2002-2008. He has been involved in the development of doctoral programmes in Art and Design in the UK, and has advised national and international research development. He is the principal organiser of the internationally renowned biennial Research into Practice conference at UH. He has experience as a supervisor of traditional and practice-based PhDs in the UK and Europe, and of PhD by published works, and as a PhD examiner. He is a member of the College of Peers of the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and the Visual Arts advisory panel for the Arts and Humanities Data Service. He is a reviewer for MIT Press, Blackwell Publishing, and other international presses, and EU registered expert for FP7.

Michael’s research has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council [UK], The British Council [UK], the University of Bergen [NO], the Swedish Research Council [SE], Riksbanken Jubileumsfond [SE], and the European Union [EU]. He is currently Principal Investigator of the 3-year AHRC-funded ‘Non-traditional Knowledge and Communication‘ project and leader of the Research into Practice cluster at the University of Hertfordshire.

Professor Stephen Scrivener

Head of Research

Peer Esteem (selected)

Recent External Examinerships
2006  PhD  A. Blacke, Queensland University of Technology.
2005  PhD W. Ings, Auckland University of Technology.
2005  PhD R.E.Cain, Loughborough University.
2005  MPhil Examination: H. Guevera, University of Derby.
2005  PhD – Hsui-Feng Wang., Reading University.
2005  PhD – J Fraser, Institute of Education, London University.
2005  PhD – A. Paterson Glennie, De Montfort University.
2004  PhD – 2D. Topping, Plymouth University.

Editorial positions
2007-  Member of Editorial Board, Leonardo Transactions.
2005-  Editor in chief, International Journal of Co-Design, Taylor and Francis.
1992-  Member of editorial board, Digital Creativity.
Refereeing for: Digital Creativity Design Studies Design Journal Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education.

Keynote presentations
2008  Key-note speaker at Art and Research: HOW?, Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia.
2007  ‘Practice-based Research’ at The Art of Research, University of Art and Design, Helsinki.
2005  ‘Practice-based Research’ at International Practice-based Research Conference, University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland.

Research Council committees
EPSRC Peer Review College Member, 2000 –
AHRC Peer Review College Member, 2007 –
Member of AHRB Peer Review Panel 2: Visual Arts and Media, 2001-2005
Member of EPSRC working group to develop a funding programme relating to IT and Creativity, 2002
EPSRC member of a working group to develop a funding programme entitled, “Design for the 21st Century, 2002-2003
Member of EPSCR/AHRB Design for 21st Century Programme Panel, Phase 1 2004-2005
Commissioning Board member for Phase 2 of the Design for 21st Century programme, 2006
Invited by EPSRC to be a member of the Advisory Group for the funding programme entitled, ‘Design for the 21st Century’, 2005-
Member of EPSRC Peer Review Panel, 2003 and 2004
Chair of EPSRC Peer Review Panel, 2005, 2006

Key Projects

2005-07 Consolidating understanding and experience of practice-based research.  Funded by AHRC under the Small Grant Scheme, designed to advance current understanding of theory and experience of practice-based research in art and design.

2005-07 Managing breakdowns in international distributed design projects.  Funded by The British Academy and the National Science Council (NSC) grants scheme to support joint projects between British and Taiwan scholars, in the fields of the humanities and social sciences.

2000-04 UNITE – Ubiquitous and Integrated Teamwork Environment.  An international project funded by the EC under the IST Programme in collaboration with IBM (France and Israel), GMD, FGH, ADETTI, Penta Scope, and TESCI. The project was shortlisted for the IST Prize.

Research Outputs (selected)

2007  Scrivener, S.A.R. ‘Visual art practice reconsidered: transformational practice and the academy’ in Mäkelä, M and Routarinne, S (eds) ‘The Art of Research’, University of Art and Design Helsinki: Helsinki.

2004  Scrivener, S.A.R.  & Chapman, P.  ‘The practical implications of applying a theory of practice based research: a case study.’ Working Papers in Design, 3. [view article]

2003  Scrivener, S.A.R.  ‘The design implications of user selection between communication resources.’ Digital Creativity, 14 (4), pp.228-240.

2003  Scrivener, S.A.R. Woodcock, A. & Lee, L.-C.  ‘Managing Breakdowns in International Distributed Design Projects.’ In: U. Lindemann (ed.) Human Behaviour in Design: Individuals, Teams, Tools. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg. pp. 174-183. [3-540-40632-8]

2002  Scrivener, S.A.R.  ‘The art object does not embody a form of knowledge.’ Working Papers in Design, 2. [view article]

2002  Scrivener, S.A.R. ‘Characterising creative-production doctoral projects in art and design’. International Journal of Design Sciences and Technology, 10 ( 2), pp. 25-44.

2002  Tseng, W., Scrivener, S.A.R & Ball, L.J. The Impact of Functional Knowledge on Sketching. In T. T. Hewett and T. Kavanagh (eds.) Proceedings of the Fourth Creativity and Cognition Conference. New York: ACM, pp 57-64. [1-558113-465-7]

Current Research Students: As Director of Studies
Michaela Ross:
The history and theory of art. ‘The role and status of the artist as educator in institutional contexts’
Kate Goldsworthy: Textiles. ‘Materials, Process, Design’

As Additional Supervisor
Aaron McPeake: Nibbling at Clouds – the blind visual artist is not a paradox.
Katrine Hjelde: Constructing a Reflective Site: Making Knowledge/Teaching Knowledge.
Sarah Tremlett: Text in Women’s Art and the Maternal – their significance in the demise of Modernism.
Imogen Reid
Marsha Bradfield
Catherine Maffioletti
Christian Edwardes
Corrado Morgana


Katy Macleod

Previous Post:
Senior Lecturer in Fine Art/Research,
University of Plymouth, Faculty of Arts, School of Art & Performance
Responsibilities: Co-ordinator for Critical Studies BA Hons Fine Art
Postgraduate Research Training (shared), Faculty of Arts

Current post:
Reader in Fine Art,
Kingston University
Shared responsibility for postgraduate research, Fine Art
Research Project Leader:
University of Plymouth funded research projects: History, Theory & Practice 1994-5
Documentation of Artists’ Work 1995-6; Qualitative Postgraduate Research in Art & Design 1999-2000; Student and Supervisor experience of practice-based higher degree research and doctoral submissions in Fine Art 1996-2002

AHRC funded research:
Methodological Models of Good Practice in Creative Practice Research Degrees, 2002-2003

1985-88 Diploma in Art & Design with Special Reference to Art & Technology
Diploma in Craft & Design Education
Diploma in Museum Studies, Institute of Education, London University
1990-96 BA Hons Fine Art, History & Theory and
BA Hons Art & Design in Social Context, University of the West of England
1995-98 BA Hons Fine Art, Southampton Institute
1999-2003 BA Hons Fine Art, Central St Martins, University of the Arts (formerly London Institute)
2002- MPhil/PhD examinations: Royal College of Art (MPhil, 2003; 2004 & 2007); Wimbledon (PhD 2003 & 2005); University Institute of East Anglia(PhD, 2001); University Institute of Technology, Dublin,(MPhil, 2005); Middlesex University (PhD, 2006 & 2007); Glasgow University (PhD, 2008)
University of Plymouth and Partner Institutions; Falmouth College of Arts (MPhil, 2002 & 2003); Dartington College of Arts (PhD, 2005);
University of Plymouth (PhD, 2005)

Higher degree completions:
MPhil The Re-Positions of an Art Practice, Lawson-Smith, M, 1998
MPhil A Question of Influence, Austin, F, 2001
PhD Painting Silence, Clucas, G, 2001
PhD The Experience of Illustration, Jones, R, 2005
PhD Lefebvre and the Lived Space, Hawkins, P, 2006
PhD Rethinking absence: Art practice and the critical metaphysics of Jacques Derrida and Jacques Lacan, Roulstone, K, 2006
Suspended PhD
PhD Scattered Light in a Vortex: An Investigation into Perception, Barber, J.

Advisory work:
AHRC funded Research Review: Practice-Led Research in Art, Design and Architecture, 2005-2006
Development of postgraduate research cultures: Royal College of Art; University of Dundee

Conferences organised at the University of Plymouth:

‘The Relationship of Making to Writing: history, theory and practice’, University of Plymouth
& Partner Institutions, (Critical Studies Working Group), 1998
Special Issue journal publication, POINT 7 Spring/Summer, 1999
‘The Enactment of Thinking: creative practice research degrees’, 2001
Special Issue journal publication, Journal of Visual Art Practice, Vol 2 Issue2&3,

Selected publications:
Macleod, K & Holdridge, L (Eds), Thinking through Art: reflections on art as research Routledge, 2005
Macleod, K & Holdridge, L ‘The Doctorate in Fine Art: The importance of exemplars to the culture’, International Journal of Art & Design Education, 23.2, 2004 pps 155-168
‘Practice and Theory: related objects of thinking’, Miles, M (Ed), ‘New Practices, New Pedagogies’, Routledge, 2005
Macleod, K & Holdridge, L ‘The Enactment of Thinking’ Special Issue, On-Site/In-Sight, Theoros III, Journal of Visual Art Practice, Vol. 4.2, 2005
Macleod, K & Holdridge, L ‘Doctoral Art Practice in the UK’, Bologna Handbook, European League of the Institutes of the Arts, (ELIA), 2004
Macleod, K & Holdridge, L ‘Theory/Practice; a relationship in the making’, European Journal of Arts Education, Vol III, Issue 2&3, 2001

Macleod, K ‘What would falsify an art practice? Research degrees in Fine Art’, Swift, J (Ed) Broadside 5, University of Central Birmingham, 2000
Macleod, K ‘Pedagogy and the Poetic: A moment of recognition’, Journal of Art & Design Education Vol 14 no 1, 1995
Macleod, K ‘The Use of Study Guides to Support Students during their Final Year Thesis and Special Project’, Wilks M & Gibbs, G (Eds) Design in Resource Based Learning, Oxford Brookes University, 1994
Macleod, K ‘Irony and the Space between History, Theory and Practice’, Buss, D (Ed)
The Impact of Modularity on Art and Design in Higher Education, University of Plymouth, 1995
Macleod, K ‘Gallery and School: Art Study Programmes’, Thistlewood, D (Ed) Critical Studies in Art & Design Education, Longman/NSEAD, 1989

Dr Darren Newbury

Prof. Darren Newbury


Darren Newbury is research co-ordinator for visual communication. He has a background in photography and cultural studies, and completed his Ph.D. on photography and education. He currently has responsibility for the Research Training Initiative (RTI), a project developing and publishing research training resources for postgraduates in art and design, is editor of the electronic publication Research Issues in Art, Design and Media (RIADM), and editor of the international journal Visual Studies (Visual Studies). Current research interests include photographic theory, practice and pedagogy, visual research methods and research education and training in art, design and media.


Books, Chapters, Articles:
2007 – ‘Johannesburg Lunch-hour 1951-1963: The emergence and development of the humanist photographic essay in Drum magazine’, Journalism Studies, 8 (4). ISSN 1461 670X. pp. 584-594.
2005 – ”Lest we forget’: photography and the presentation of history at the Apartheid Museum, Gold Reef City and the Hector Pieterson Museum, Soweto’, in Visual Communication, Vol. 4, No. 3. ISSN 1470 3572.
2004 – Review of ‘History After Apartheid: Visual Culture and Public Memory in a Democatic South Africa’ by Anni E. Coombes, Visual Studies, Vol. 19, No. 2. pp 199-201.
2003 – Review of ‘The Postgraduate Research Handbook’ by Gina Wisker, Research Training Initiative Website, available online view article
2003 – Review of ‘Looking at Class: Film, Television and the Working Class in Britain’ edited by Sheila Rowbotham and Huw Beynon, Visual Studies, 18(1). Routledge Taylor & Francis Ltd. ISSN 1472 586X. pp. 84-86.
2003 – Review of ‘Walker Evans: Florida (with an essay by Robert Plunket)’, in Visual Anthropology, 16(1). Routledge Taylor & Francis Ltd. ISSN 0894 9468. pp. 109-111.
2002 – ‘Doctoral education in design, the process of research degree study, and the ‘trained researcher’ in Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education, 1(3). ISSN 1474 273X. pp. 149-159.
2002 – ‘Documentary practices and working-class culture: an interview with Murray Martin (Amber Films and Side Photographic Gallery)’ in Visual Studies, Vol. 17, No. 2. Routledge Taylor & Francis Ltd. ISSN 1472 586X. pp. 113-128.
2002 – Review ‘The Bus: The Free Photographic Omnibus 1973-2001: An Adventure in Documentary’ by Daniel Meadows in Visual Culture in Britain, Vol. 3, No. 2. Ashgate Publishing Ltd. ISBN 0754607739. pp. 153-156.
2001 – ‘Telling Stories about Photography: The Language and Imagery of Class in the Work of Humphrey Spender and Paul Reas’ in Visual Culture in Britain, Vol. 2, No. 2. Ashgate Publishing Ltd. ISSN 1471 4787. pp. 69-88.
2001 – ‘Diaries and Fieldnotes in the research process’, Research Issues in Art, Design and Media No.1. Available online at view article

2001 – ‘Foundation for the Future: Doctoral Education in Design’ conference – review essay, in The Design Journal, Vol. 3, Issue 3. pp. 57-61.

Conference Contributions:
2009 – ‘A history of photography in South Africa during the apartheid period’, Interpretations of African Images and Beauty, 25 April, Museum of London Docklands and the African Studies Association (UK).
2009 – ‘Photography, history and the ethics of memory in post-apartheid South Africa’, Curating Difficult Knowledge Conference, 16-18 April, Centre for Ethnographic Resarch and Exhibition in the Aftermath of Violence (CEREV), Concordia University, Montreal.
2009 – ”That was apartheid; thank god it’s all over’: researching the history of photography in South Africa’, VisComX Lecture Series, 1 April, Jacobs University, Bremen. Invited Lecture.
2009 – ‘Making the path as we walk it: the present and future of doctoral education in art and design’, Art and Design Education for the 21st Century, 6-7 February, University of Brighton. Invited speaker.
2008 – ”Your twelve million black voices’: Constance Stuart Larrabee and social documentary phtography in South Africa’, Knowledge of Africa: The Next Fifty Years, African Studies Association, 51st Annual Meeting, 13-16 November, Chicago.
2008 – ”Civilisation on Trial: Michael Scott and early political documentary in South Africa’, The Presence of the Past? Africa in the 21st Century, African Studies Association UK, 11-13 September, University of Central Lancashire, Preston.
2008 – ”That was apartheid; thank god it’s all over’: documentary photography in South Africa’, Interpretations of African Images and Beauty, 25 April, Museum of London Docklands and the African Studies Association (UK).
2004 – ‘Lest we forget’: photography and memory at the Apartheid Museum, Gold Reef City and the Hector Pieterson Museum, Soweto, The 2nd International Language – Communication – Culture Conference, 24-27 November, Instituto Superior Politécnico, Beja, Portugal.
2004 – ‘Resources for Visual Researchers:Visual Studies and the International Visual Sociology Association’, ESRC Seminar Series: Problematising Methodology in Access Research: Using Visual Methodology in Research on Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning, University of Exeter. 10 September.
2004 – ‘Telling stories about photography: some reflections on British documentary’, Visual History Seminar Series, University of the Western Cape, South Africa. 17 February.
2003 – ‘Reflections on building an online resource for doctoral studies in art and design’, in David Durling and Kazuo Sugiyama (eds.) Proceedings of 3rd Doctoral Education in Design Conference, Tsukuba International Congress Center, Tsukuba, Japan. 14-17 October. pp. 95-103. ISBN 4 9980776 2 7.
2003 – ‘The photography of early ‘Drum’ magazine, and its legacy in the visual culture of post-apartheid South Africa’, Images of Social Life: The New Foundations of Visual Studies, International Visual Sociology Association Conference, University of Southampton. 8-10 July.
2003 – Workshop co-ordinator, Trends in Visual Arts and Design Research, Museum Africa, Johannesburg. Funded by the National Research Foundation South Africa and Vaal Triangle Technikon.
2002 – ‘Education the design researcher: reflections on the development of the postgraduate curriculum (invited keynote), in ‘Design, Research and Development’, the 5th National Design Education Forum of Southern Africa (DEFSA) Conference, 22-24 September, Clarens, Free State, South Africa.
2002 – ‘Independent learning in art and design masters courses: the development of an electronic learning contract’, in Enhancing Curricula: Exploring Effective Curricula Practices in Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education, 1st International Conference of the Centre for Learning and Teaching in Art and Design (CLTAD), 10-12 April, Royal Institute of British Architects, London. Published in proceedings, ISBN 0 9541439 2 2. pp.269-286.
2001 – ‘Developing the Field of Visual Research, or what art and design can learn from and contribute to visual sociology’, International Visual Sociology Association Annual Conference, 11-15 July, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.


2005-8 AHRC Visual Arts & Media Postgraduate Panel Member
2004-present Member, Arts & Humanities Research Council Peer Review College
2003-present Editor, Visual Studies

2003-present Member of Executive Board, International Visual Sociology Association
2002-3 Overseas Visiting Research Fellow, South Africa National Research Foundation
2001-2 Associate Editor, Visual Studies

2001-present Editor, Research Issues in Art, Design and Media

1996-present List owner ‘rti’ JISCmail electronic discussion list

Carol Gray


Biographical Statement
Carole Gray studied Fine Art at Reading University (1974-78) and Experimental Media at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London (1978-80). She is a practising artist and has made exterior site-specific structures as well as smaller scale interior sculptural lights. In 1988 she completed a part-time PhD at Aberdeen University on teaching styles in higher education (Art & Design), and since then has been involved in developing postgraduate education and postdoctoral research. Carole was a member of the Arts & Humanities Research Council Postgraduate Panel for Visual Arts & Media (2000-2004) and currently serves on its Peer Review College. She is a member of the Art and Design panel for the UK’s 2008 Research Assessment Exercise. She contributes to research development at various UK and international art and design institutions in, for example, Finland, Sweden, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, Latvia, and Australia (forthcoming).

Light Cake, 2007  Perspex, LEDs, aluminium (24 x 12 x 12 cm)

Personal Statement
I am an artist, teacher and researcher and consider these roles to be interrelated and mutually dependent facets of my creativity (see Professorial Lecture)

My practice as an artist has involved both individual and collaborative work exploring context specific art using contemporary technologies and materials. The Connectivity project (part of the international conference Challenging Craft, Sept 2004) challenged me to grapple with computer aided design and manufacture to make a new work responding to the theme ‘a sense of place’ – My recent work comprises a series of sculptural lights made for specific people, occasions and sites.

This pre-occupation with making is part of an ongoing creative and critical dialogue – ‘Making Sense’ – with Gordon Burnett, Reader in Craft, in which we explore ‘material thinking’ through practice and reflection.

I have a longstanding interest in experiential learning in Art and Design education, especially at postgraduate levels. The core of this work has been concerned with encouraging creative and visual approaches to research and its relationship to practice. This experience has resulted in a book, co-authored by Professor Julian Malins, Reader in Design at Gray’s – Visualizing Research: a guide to the research process in Art and Design (2004) and related web site –

I am part of the On the Edge (OTE) research team, working with Professor Anne Douglas, Reader in Art and Public Pedagogy at Gray’s. OTE is a major research programme that explores art in the public realm –

My RAE research outputs contribute to the Art and Design Pedagogy thematic.

Professor Anne Douglas

contact details
tel: 00 44 (0)1224 263647

web site:

Artist as Leader – site under construction (see OTE site for project overview)

Prof Anne Douglas

Biographical Statement

Anne Douglas studied anthropology at the University of Durham (1968-71) and sculpture at Camberwell School of Art, London (1973-6). She was awarded the Rome Scholarship in Sculpture (1976-8) and Artist in Residence, British School at Rome (1984). After extensive experience of professional practice and teaching, she completed one of the first practice based doctoral research projects, Sunderland University. Her thesis ‘Sculpture as Improvisation’ (1992) is an articulation of the creative process as a form of improvisation explored in relation to her own production of sculpture. The context for the research was the emergent opportunity for artists to work in the public sphere within processes of post industrial, urban regeneration.

After a sustained period of post doctoral research development at Gray’s School of Art, Anne initiated the On the Edge research project investigating the value of the visual arts in remote rural areas ( funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council research grant. This research also involved the cultural policy researcher, François Matarasso. On the Edge has further evolved through two new programmes: the Artist as Leader, AHRC funded 2006-8 and Working in Public: Art, Practice and Policy, funded by the Scottish Arts Council with the artist Suzanne Lacy.

Anne gained a professorial title in 2007.

Personal Statement

My artistic practice has undergone a transition from ‘maker of objects’, artistic practice as an individually authored activity, to ‘maker of enabling conditions’ through the development of focused art projects/art discourse from a research base. Formal research offers an important framework for sharing explicit, radical questions on the value of art with different individuals from the arts as well as other disciplines and sectors of society.

I am particularly interested in developing critical approaches to art that draw a creative relationship between the artist, specific place and culture, where that culture is experiencing radical social and economic change.

My RAE research outputs contribute to the Art and the Public Sphere thematic.


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